29 May 2013

League of Legends: A Twist of Fate

Last night, when I was looking for new ideas for my new videos on YouTube. I found out a new video uploaded by Garena Online Private Limited.

It was a very interesting video and fun to watch, as it involves many champions in a 4 minute plus video. Not to mention of all the powers involved, the action and transition in between the sequence is pretty unique and simple to understand. In addition, this video hits a total of 10 million views in just 4 days.

Furthermore, I also found out that this video is to promote their upcoming release of new maps into their gaming server: League of Legends. If you do not know about this game, check out my previous blog entry here.

However, the story of this blog post does not end here ...

Back to the first sentence that I mentioned, I downloaded this video and try ways to edit. After that, I upload into my channel.

You will think that the edited version is almost the same as the original. But think it this way, from the way I see it, it is another piece of video for me to test my video editing skills and also the ways to improve my pool of ideas.

But the most important of all, it's to kill the time !!

~ LOL ~

26 May 2013

Office bullying in Singapore

Normally, I will not blog about such stuff that I got from Facebook. However, recently, this video somehow stirs everyone in Singapore to be fed up about this incident.

As you can see in the video below, the supervisor with the spectacle kept on hitting and slapping the person on the chair. However, the young man kept on staring at him and tried to reason his way out after being hit by the old man so many times.

Let's assume the young man is your closed ones or worst still your son, being bullied by an outsider for not giving him any chance to speak out, is totally unforgiving in a lawful country.

On May 18, this video was shared across Facebook with 2,685 shares and 660 likes by SMRT Ltd (Feedback) and followed in which an article was published onto the newspaper the next day as shown below.

Newspaper article uploaded by EDMW loves Singapore

Last but not least, a comic art to "discourage" office bullying in Singapore !!

Uploaded by 9GAG Singapore

22 May 2013

[Advertorial] Kaplan Higher Education Academy Blog Campaign

Thanks to omy.sg invitation, I was able to blog about this campaign organized by the Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA).

Here is the picture that I took with the Kaplan's mascots, after my lecture !!

Good-looking guy & girl (mascots) that'll be giving out flyers about Kaplan

About KHEA

Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA) provides full-time education to students who wish to pursue a variety of diplomas and degrees, ranging in the disciplines of Accounting & Finance, Business & Management, Communication & Media, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Humanities & Social Sciences and Information Technology. 

In today’s competitive climate, KHEA recognizes the need to condense course syllabus based on the acquired abilities and prior learnings of students therefore for a Poly diploma student, a degree can be earned within a span of 12months-18months, depending on the approvals from the respective universities. 

KHEA partners with 6 top universities worldwide to ensure quality education and students at Kaplan receive the same degree parchment as students who study in the overseas university. KHEA, through Kapan Singapore has also won consecutive public voted awards such as JobsCentral Learnings and Rankings Survey and AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards.

Upon receiving this flyer from one of the mascots standing near the entrance of Singapore Polytechnic, I found it quite interesting. As a poly student like myself who have not graduated yet, I cannot make any assumption whether this academy is good or not. 

However, after seeing the programs that they provided onto the flyer, it somehow stirs up my intention of considering this academy as one of my choices for university studies.

Last but not least, do check out the good looking guy & girl that'll be giving out flyers about Kaplan. You can take photos with them (will be uploaded onto FB, you can then like their page and tag yourself for a chance to win shopping vouchers). You can also upload and tag your photos with them on Instagram with #KaplanSingapore to stand to win. The top 3 most liked photos from now till 15 June will win $250 shopping vouchers, with terms and conditions apply. :-)

Have a question for Kaplan? They have a useful inquiry form here!

17 May 2013

Get myself DRUNK at Holland Village

Just like the title said it itself, I was somehow "accidentally" got myself drunk after many years for not taking any alcoholic drinks, except for some special occasions like celebrating and etc.

Here is the story - quite a small one actually of how I got myself drunk :-P

Storytelling session

Richmond invited me to go for a dinner at Holland Village because I waited him to discuss on a project and helped him to take care of Michelle (his unofficial girlfriend). This was to celebrate for the 1st successful matching and fee collection from his start-up company, Buddy Tutor.

We went into this restaurant, which Richmond worked as part-time before. I ordered a set meal (salmon) and a glass of white wine. Richmond and Michelle ordered a plate of pizza and a drink of soda with ice-cream (I think). We ordered ice-cream cakes as the desserts.

Richmond & Michelle shared this drink together

Michelle wanted both dishes to be taken together

My set meal (dinner)

Above - it's mine
Below - Richmond and Michelle

The menu named this as "cookie monster"

After the dinner, my glass of white wine still had around 8% of it. So, I forced myself to take 3% more to be left till the half glass. Thus, I told them that I cannot continue - because I know that if I continue to drink the rest of it, my skin problem would most likely "explode". 

Instead of letting it go to waste, Michelle picked up my glass and drank a mouthful of portion (around 3 to 4%). She told me that she's feeling cold to be sitting under the air-con, plus Richmond kept on telling her that the wine can keep warmth to oneself. 

~ LOL ~

On our way home in MRT, Michelle reminded me of my blushing-red face and I kept on telling them that #IamNotDrunk. But, the most amazing part of this story was that Michelle was the one who insisted that she's not drunk, despite that her arms and legs were covered  in "red". Her drunk status was more "funnier" than I was in. For instance, she would use Richmond as a punching bag and etc. 

[Not approiate to list her drunk behavior]

Anyway, that was an enjoyable night and the most fun with them had yet to come !! :-)

6 May 2013

The Result of Malaysia General Election 2013

The vote counting for the General Election 2013, Malaysia, dragged on for several hours with numerous incidents of high tension and minor violence.

As at 2am, the Barisan Nationals have won 124 seats and the Pakatan Rakyat have won 73. Barisan Nasional cannot form two-thirds majority because opposition already has enough seats to block out that possibility.

Due to the unexpected result, a lot of Malaysians started this social media campaign by replacing their profile picture like this:

In addition, they even created this video to "mock" the votes count during the blackout.

In my personal opinion, I don't have any objection towards BN or PR. After all, it is the peoples' choice to decide their future. Happy or sad, we just need to adapt it somehow for the next 5 years. Well, let's just wait and see how this event is going towards !!

~ LOL ~

4 May 2013

The Best PSY's GENTLEMAN Parody

If you've read my previous blog entry: Gentleman by PSY last month, you'll most likely to be interested in this post as well. This is because I managed to collect the best GENTLEMAN Parody and dance steps for our Singapore Version :-D

The original video of the parody is very near to perfection and this was by far, my hardest editing because it was hard to find any loopholes for me to match any other clips for it. 

Enjoy !!

3 May 2013

Dinner at Ministry of Food

We were celebrated Richmond's birthday at Ministry of Food, Lot 1 Shopping Mall last night, alongside with his going-to-be girlfriend, Michelle.

We had the birthday cake in Singapore Poly during lunch time ~ consider this dinner was my birthday gift to him, since I didn't know what to buy for him. :-D

My set meal

My favorite side-dish: chawanmushi 

Richmond's Ramen

Michelle's set meal

As for the dessert, we ordered Icy waterfall as it contained 8 different flavors of scoop. I liked the taste of 5 flavors: chocolate, black sesame, strawberry, green tea and vanilla.

Also, you can just mix and match between each scoop to get a different sensation of tasting experience throughout the whole session. It is strongly recommended if you ever want to try the desserts at the Ministry of Food :-)

Last but not least, a close up photo of the couple !!

Michelle & Richmond
 Wish them to have an enjoyable night yesterday and as well as getting their relationship to a "confirm" status, ~ LOL ~ :-)